Our assessment services are tailor made. After all, we want to contribute to our client’s success. This is our challenge. We will help you to find talent, potential and developmental areas with your present and future human capital. Usually it revolves around key management positions. However, we also assess for staff and sales positions.

Selection Assessment Centres

A selection assessment is used when you would like to get a better understanding of the potential or suitability of a candidate for a certain position within your organisation. Especially when it concerns key positions which cause more than average problems when broken off. For these positions assessment centres have an added value in a selection process.

Usually an assessment centre consists of questionnaires, tests for analytical reasoning ablity, role-play, simulations and an interview. Our interview method is based on a variety of techniques and understandings. We work biographical as well as explorative and focus on competence through the Star technique.

All in all we try to be thorough in our approach. Our method is scientifically well-considered and our tools and techniques are of course up to date.

Development Assessment Centres

Is someone suitable for a management position? How can the effectiveness of a position be increased? Does someone still fit the job description. What are someone’s talents? Which points need development or improvement?

It is not always clear what needs to be done to make the right move in a career or in a life. These questions can be answered by means of a development assessment.

The Talent Factor is licensed and makes on indication use of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. The MBTI is a set of questions based on self description.

The Talent Factor believes that it is very worthwhile to invest in development if it harmonizes with talent. motivation and potential present. We want to show you your talent and potential. In other words, we make this talent and potential come to surface.

Career Assessment Centres

Career Assessment Centres are like Development Assessment Centres but more centred around the questions of the candidate. The candidate is, in other words, leading in the make-up of the programme.

Often posed questions are:  There is no challenge in my function anymore. What can I do? I don’t know what my real talents are. I am considering a career change. Which direction shall I go? I aspire a different position in the company. Is that possible? I would like to make a next step in my career? Is it wise?

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